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Take Action to Safeguard Elections

A message from the League of Women Voters of Ohio:

On December 6, Sub House Bill 458 was introduced. With just two weeks left in the General Assembly, a bill that was originally 15 pages became 157 pages long. Less than 24 hours was given to the public to review and analyze substantial, far-reaching proposed changes to statewide election law and submit testimony. The changes were drastic, expensive, and unnecessary.

After already being passed out of the House and 3 hearings in the Senate SUB House Bill 458 was thereafter amended to:

  • Require an unexpired state photo ID or the last four digits of the voter’s social security number to register to vote, and removes military ID and other alternate forms of identification as acceptable for the purposes of registering to vote.

  • Prohibit the use of drop boxes for voter registration forms.

  • Require an Ohio driver's license or state identification card issued or a military ID vote absentee, early, or in-person on Election Day, and no longer allows alternate IDs such as utility bills and other government documents.

  • Provide a free state issued ID through a complicated, confusing process that will be difficult for voters to access.

  • Change the absentee ballot request deadline from 3 to 7 days before the Election.

  • Reduce the deadline for absentee ballots from 10 days after Election Day to 7:30pm on Election Day.

  • Limit ballot drop boxes to one location per county, which may only be open during business hours during the early voting period.

  • Prohibit prepaid postage for absentee ballots or applications.

  • Prohibit public officials from sending out absentee ballot request forms unless requested by a voter.

  • Limit curbside voting to voters who are physically unable to enter the polling place (explicitly not allowing people who are blind).

It is simply too dangerous to rush such drastic changes to our electoral system.

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