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Media Release: 10-Year Franklin County Voter Turnout by City

Read about 10-year Franklin County voter turnout average by city in this media release prepared by The Gahanna Foundation, a charitable 501c3 non-profit with a mission to raise funds through grants, gifts and endowments to fund projects directly or indirectly related to the Olde Gahanna Sanctuary (OGS) and/or worthwhile neighborhood projects.

Media Release:

In advance of September 20th, National Register to Vote Day, and with fewer than 70 days remaining until registered voters cast their ballots in the General Election on November 8th, The Gahanna Foundation (TGF) released new, timely and important voting statistics that tracks average registered voter turnout across 15 cities in Franklin County, Ohio, for primary and general elections, from 2011 to 2022. ...Download the PDF to read more!

10-Year Franklin County Voter Turnout by City
Download PDF • 192KB

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