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REMINDER: Rally For Democracy TODAY At the Statehouse!

Join We Are Ohio, Fair Districts Ohio, Equal Districts, the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition, and over 165 organizations that are standing up against the cynical attempt to make it harder for Ohio citizens to amend the state Constitution.

We will gather at Trinity Episcopal Church (125 E. Broad St., across from the Statehouse) on Tues., Dec. 13 at 11:00 am. We are planning a press conference and a visit to the Ohio House. Be prepared to stay into the afternoon if possible!

We are asking you to wear t-shirts or other apparel that includes the logo for your organization, or represents the kinds of issues that have appeared in past ballot initiative campaigns or might be the impetus for future campaigns.

Please note: If you are attending as the official representative of an organization that has signed our sign on letter, please remember to let us know how many members your organization represents by filling in that question on the RSVP form.

After you RSVP you will see IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION on the next screen.

Thank you for standing with us FOR democracy and AGAINST HJR6!

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