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Your Help Is Needed To Get Abortion Rights on the 2023 Ohio Ballot!

The Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights is working to get abortion rights on the Ohio ballot for a constitutional amendment for the November 2023 election. Right now, they are in the writing of the amendment phase, but starting in January 2023 they will be training volunteers to collect >800,000 signatures. These signatures need to come from all 88 Ohio counties (the actual number needed is 400,000 but it is recommended to collect 800,000 to be sure the signatures can be validated).

Grandview Ignite needs volunteers to collect signatures! Signature drives will be held February – June and training will be provided. Sign up for one drive or sign up for all! Any level of effort is helpful! Contact Pierre Wolfe of Grandview Ignite directly at to sign up for the signature drive.

More events are being coordinated! Subscribe to our updates or contact us directly to stay in the loop!

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